Hot wire foam cutters

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The Junior 100 is used with aluminum tracks to guide the cutting wire along the desired cut. It is extremely light weight and very easy to use.

237.88 *

The Junior 135 improves upon the Junior 100 with an increased cutting width. It is designed for low volume custom cuts.

416.38 *

can be shipped within 1-3 days

Entry level model with 1010 mm cutting width.

297.38 *

Entry level model with 1350 mm cutting width.

452.08 *

can be shipped within 1-3 days

The L-G is a easy to use cutting tool. Straight cuts as well as angular cuts can be performed in the shortest time. We offer this cutter with a 24 Volt or 40 Volt transformer.

784.21 *

The L-G-S 135R combines all features. A large cutting area, angle scales for angluar cuts, wheels for easy transportation, and a removable cutting arm. Every cuts can be completed with this tool fast and easy.

1,188.81 *

Through the receipts for the cutting wire on the cutting bow vertical 90 degree cuts as well as vertical 45 degree cuts are possible.

1,354.22 *
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